Brian Enright (Best Man)

Brian, an old fraternity brother, shares the same competitiveness and intensity to succeed as Ryan. Ryan and Brian also share a birthday, (although Brian is a year older.) Brian attends Pepperdine with Ryan and lends his finance skills he has acquired at Boeing as a financial analyst.


Laura and Molly have been best friends since going to Chapman University together. She and Molly love girl outings to Nordstrom, the Bobbi Brown counter, the spa or to sip a Bikinimini Martini. Laura resides in Fullerton with her husband Mike and dog Cooper.

Laura Dippold (Maid of Honor)

Andrew Regan

Also an old fraternity brother, Andrew pledged with Ryan. Andrew and Ryan had a lot of fun during their pledge period as well as their days as roommates living at “A Street” in Newport Beach. Andrew is an aspiring actor in L.A.



Another college friend, Krista and Molly were roommates in the North Morlan dorm at Chapman. Krista is the most energetic and passionate person Molly has ever met! She is a writer and wonderful home decorator. She is married to husband Danny and lives in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Krista Millard

Jim Chase

Ryan's brother-in-law as of August 16th, 2008. Jim is a welcomed member of the family who possesses a good sense of humor. Jim and Ryan got along right away due to their shared passion for teasing Megan. We'd like to see more of Jim but he is busy landing spacecraft on Mars and analyzing Martian soil samples for JPL and NASA.  
Megan, Ryan's sister, has been a great friend and wedding consultant (she was married August 16 th , 2008). Megan and Molly share a love of working out and eating right, although Megan's much more successful at it! Megan is married to husband Jim and will attend a doctorate program at USC in the fall.

Megan Chase

Patrick Fogarty

The first male cousin to be born since Ryan. We will be celebrating his hard work and perseverance at his graduation from Mater Dei High School next year. It seems just like yesterday Ryan was throwing little Patrick around the living room. Although Patrick is now much larger, Ryan can still throw him in the pool!



Regan, Molly's cousin, lives in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to being an awesome softball player, she is currently studying to be a nurse. Molly often babysat Regan when she was younger and they had a lot of fun times baking chocolate chip cookies together! Realizing that Regan is in her twenties, Molly can't believe time has flown by that fast!

Regan Ahl

Thomas Fogarty

As quiet and reserved as Thomas is, his veracity comes alive in competitive sports. Tom also provides comedy, even when it is not intentional. Most recently, using his Dad's old clubs, he sent 2 club heads soaring 75 yards onto the range! LOL! Don't worry Tom, just get good with the 5-wood and your Dad will buy you a full set!

Enrolled in Freshman Seminar at Chapman, Molly met her sweet-tooth match in #####. Ever since, the girls have been enjoying any bakery they find (Champagne's being a favorite). Besides her love for the culinary arts, ##### works for Sharp Electronics.


Joseph Pecoraro

Son of David and Auntie “M”, Joseph exhibits more Irish creativity than most of our Irish clan. His deep appreciation for music was spotted as a toddler and has morphed Joseph into one hell of a guitar player/musician. He better watch out though, he may get recruited to play in the wedding as well as be a groomsman.

Shannon is Ryan's youngest sister. Tons of fun to be around, Shannon is creative, especially in her love of writing. Currently attending University of California, Riverside, she plans to pursue her master's degree after graduating.

Shannon Hervey

Casey Dignan

Casey is one of 7 of Molly's older brothers and ranks 6th on that list by age. Casey is father to Zachary, (Ryan's future Nephew), and soon-to-be husband to Halle Berry whose daughter's name is Serena. Casey and Ryan share the same obsession for the Angels. We'll definitely be glued to our TVs in October.

Halle, another bride-to-be, is fiancé to Molly's brother, Casey. She has made her way into the Dignan family very nicely and fits right in with the big bunch. She loves to have a good time anywhere with her outgoing personality and caring nature.

Halle Berry

Kelly Dignan

Kelly is the last of Molly's 7 older brothers and is husband to Angie Dignan. Kelly and Ryan share the same taste in movies and beer. Most recently we have found Kelly to be an aficionado of charades. We'll have to see just how good he is when we go up to Yosemite this month!

You know Angie's in the room when you hear her infectious laugh! A sweet friend and an even sweeter sister-in-law, Angie lives in San Diego with her husband Kelly (Molly's brother). She and Kelly visit Orange County whenever possible and will often join Ryan and Molly for a movie or dinner.

Angie Dignan