Check out some photos of the fun and crazy wedding planning so far!

Here are the flowers showing the Spring colors of the wedding. 5/25/08
The dress colors were selected. Sage green! (These are just models!) 5/25/08
The bridesmaids went and tried on dresses this past weekend. 6/07/08
The "Moms" were there for input and support. 6/11/08
The Dignans (and Ryan) at the Engagement Party. 7/19/08
"The Girls" at the Engagement Party. 7/19/08
Ryan's Grandparents at the Engagement Party. 7/19/08
Ryan's Mom giving an elegant and lovely toast. 7/19/08
Ryan's Sister Megan giving a very sweet toast. 7/19/08
Ryan's cousin Kelly, Uncle David, and Aunt Patty all giving toasts. 7/19/08
Ryan's Dad, (left), was the winner of the toast contest! Molly's soon-to-be-sister-in-law Debbie also delivered a well thoughtout poetic toast. Molly's Dad, (right), in true Irish form recited a short haiku. 7/19/08
Cutting the cake. 7/19/08
Practice feeding one another. 7/19/08
Getting it out of our systems so Ryan won't mess up Molly's makeup on the wedding day! 7/19/08
Jim and Megan (groomsman and bridesmaid) tie the knot on 8/16/08 at the Sheraton near Disneyland. The Chases now reside in Pasadena in their cozy newly "remodeled" apartment by Megan.


And next in line, Debbie and Casey were married 12/13/08! Ryan was a groomsman and Molly a bridesmaid for the beautiful December wedding. Molly stole a quick dance move with her brother.



Debbie was a gorgeous bride and boogied on the dancefloor with Ryan. 12/13/08




Exciting – We picked out our wedding bands! We wanted to wear them on the way home but have to wait until the big day.